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Arzobispo Larraín Gandarillas 131 depto. 608, Providencia. Santiago, Chile.
Zip Code 7501136.

Astromelia Films is a production Company founded by Orlando Torres, which creates content from stories linked to human ties, inmigration, poetry and audiovisual pieces for corporations and cultural foundations. Among their productions are: “Fixed Stars: Outline of life and work of Oscar Hahn”, documentary shorts: “Caravane 60” (2019) and “Asian Tarapacá” in post-production (2021).


Fiction and Nonfiction, unitaries, short films, short subject documentary, history, film, poetry, music, art, literature, politics, architecture and landscapes.


Production, scriptwriting and script consultant, photography, spots for web sites, editing and subtitles.


Name of project:
«Cagliostro: Film Poet»

In development

New York, 1927, the poet Vicente Huidobro wins a prize of $ 10,000 USD, to adapt his silent film script «Cagliostro». However, the project was stopped by the premiere of «The Jazz Singer», first talkie. With the creative impulse of the poet, a filmmaker relives the script of a film never filmed.