Chile descends on the Marché du Film

1 julio, 2021

By Modern Times Review
JULY 1, 2021

Chile will have something of an unprecedented participation at the 73rd Cannes Film Festival’s Marché du Film. Running from 6 – 15 July, 2021, the Chilean audiovisual sector will be represented by more than 60 delegates, in various industry sections including a strong Cannes Docs showing.

Five producers will be part of the 18th Producers Network Spotlight, a network that each year hosts more than 500 industry professionals. Chilean producers include Alejandra García (Wood Producciones); Giancarlo Nasi (Quijote Films); Gabriela Sandoval (Storyboard Media/SANFIC INDUSTRIA); Dominga Sotomayor (Cinestación); and Alejandro Ugarte (Infractor Films).

Cannes Docs – Marché du Film will host a Docs in Progress Showcase Chile, making its host Chiledoc one of the eight international partners with a sample of works in the editing stage. The Docs in Progress Showcase Chile will feature four projects:

– Under Suspicion (dir. Daniel Díaz, prod. by Esteban Sandoval)
– Bastardo. La herencia de un genocida (dir. Pepe Rovano, prod. Clara Taricco)
– Meeting Point (dir. Roberto Baeza, prod. Paulina Costa)
– Edita (dir. Pamela Pollak, prod. Cristóbal Sotomayor, Carolina Ojalvo, Pamela Pollak)

Of course, outside of documentary, Chile will also be well represented at the likes of Animation Days with five projects. In addition, Chile also has three official selections:

– The year of the everlasting storm (dir. Dominga Sotomayor)- World Premiere Special Screenings
– Alien Island (dir. Cristóbal Valenzuela, prod. by Diego Breit, Sarah Pennacchi) – Blood Window Showcase
– Fever (dir. Elisa Eliash, prod. Clara Taricco) – Fantastic 7