Chiledoc: the outlier way

Chiledoc is the brand that gathers the Chilean documentary sector under two principles that identify us: the associative nature of our community and the diversity of our productions.
Both qualities -community and diversity- are what we have defined as “The outlier way”, or an atypical way of doing things, where the emphasis is on the balance that is achieved by the sum of regards that are acknowledge as different. This feature is also part of the country and the territory that we inhabit.

We are an exception:
In the bottom, to the most left side of the map.
A historical, social, economic and cultural anomaly that defines us and makes us distinctive.
A change in the variables that in the long run defines the result.
We are not a sector, we are a collective force.
We are not represented, we are representatives.
We are not just one more, we are outliers.

Chiledoc is a public-private alliance between the Chilean Documentary Corporation CCDoc and ProChile, subject to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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