Chilean delegation is ready to shine at FICG 2021

2 octubre, 2021

By El Informador
OCTOBER 2, 2021.

Paula Ossandón Cabrera, director of Chiledoc, talks about the South-American country’s activities at this film fest.

Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG) 36th version is ready to go, and the Chilean delegation will be present with over 50 professionals from the audiovisual world. In this interview, Paula Ossandón Cabrera, director of Chiledoc, talks about the South-American country’s activities at this film fest.

“We have a long tradition of participation at this festival, as well as a lot of love for it because it has helped to strengthen Chilean audiovisual production. We have been part of selections in different market and festival sections. That means, some movies have gone through DocuLab for instance, and have then premiered at FICG. So, that’s important because they prioritize projects already in the making.”

Over 50 Chilean professionals at FICG’s activities will be participating both online and on-site, and Paula emphasizes at least 25 will be at Guadalajara: “We will have all these networking events where we will offer cocktails to every single industry representative at Guadalajara.”

For the 36th edition, Paula mentions 11 movies; fiction features, documentaries, and short films have been selected. Competing at the Iberoamerican Feature Film category, are: “Immersion” directed by Nicolás Postiglione; “To Kill the Beast”, directed by Agustina San Martín and produced by Florencia Rodriguez; “Dusk Stone”, directed by Ivan Fund and produced by Catalina Vergara and Laura Tablón; and “My Brothers Dream Awake”, directed by Claudia Huaiquimilla.

The awarded movie “The Sky is Red”, directed by Francina Carbonell, will be presented in the Iberoamerican Documentary category. Besides, three short films selected for the Iberoamerican Short Film category will be participating. These are; “An Impossible Love Story”, directed by Javier Mardones and produced by Margarita Fuenzalida; “I Dreamed I Was Alive”, directed by Sebastián González; and “A House in the Sand”, directed by Cristóbal García and produced by Francisco Bisañez.

At the Rigo Mora Award, three Chilean animated short films will be presented: “Uninhabited”, directed by Camila Donoso; “Beast”, directed by Hugo Covarrubias and produced by Tevo Díaz, winner at the Annency International Animation Film Festival of the Festival Connexion Award; and “The Bones”, directed by Cristóbal Leon and Joaquín Cociña and produced by Lucas Engel, a recent winner at the Venice International Film Festival of the Best Short Film award in the Horizons section.

The Chilean film, “Under Suspicion”, will be part of the DocuLab, whereas “The Outcast’s Dance”, a series project directed by Angel Linares and Emilio Aguilar and produced by Jimena Mancilla and Miguel Ángel Sanchez, will be part of Episode 0: Developing series. This section brings selected projects the opportunity to attend intensive meetings with television and film industry professionals. And the movie “History and Geography”, directed by Bernardo Quesney, will be presented at Guadalajara Builds.

About Chiledoc

“Chiledoc is the Chilean documentary’s sectorial brand”, shares Paula. “That means it represents Chilean documentaries around the world”. She explains production in this genre is known for its high quality. “It is a very linked community, very tight in general”. She ends by saying the current subjects Chilean documentaries are talking about are divergences like: sexual, social, and cultural divergences, or divergences like indigenous identity, or the role of women.