Chile at Sunny Side of the Doc 2024: Migration Crisis, Feminism in Latin America, Ancient Cultures, and Political Conspiracies

18 junio, 2024

● The project Unwelcomed is part of the official selection of the event held in La Rochelle, France, within the Impact Campaigns Pitch section. This section brings together projects that tackle significant social issues and problems with perspectives and treatments that can have a social impact.

● In addition, Prochile supports the participation of three production companies in Sunny Side of the Doc, in addition to María Wood Producciones and Cábala Films, which are taking their most recent projects to this market, mainly in search of co-productions and sales.

Sunny Side of the Doc, a renowned French market for non-fiction television content, annually attracts productions from around the globe, primarily interested in forming partnerships with various industry players and peers. This year, five Chilean production companies are attending the event, accompanied by Chiledoc, an initiative that promotes the Chilean documentary sector internationally. The 35th edition of Sunny Side of the Doc will be held from June 24 to 27. Chiledoc, represented by Deputy Director Diego Pino, coordinates the participation in this market.

«Sunny Side of the Doc is celebrating 35 years promoting the meeting of the international documentary community, becoming a key event to connect with the industry and generate new opportunities for new non-fiction projects, both unitary and serialized. Likewise, one of the focuses of Chiledoc is to strengthen international co-production ties, especially with France. In this sense, the meeting is a must for our country. This year, producers who are working hard on the dissemination of nature, conservation, native peoples, gender issues and the current migration crisis that is affecting so many countries, among many other issues, are participating, giving us the diverse and professional character that characterizes us so much», comments Diego Pino, Deputy Director of Chiledoc.

In this regard, the Chilean delegation of documentary filmmakers has achieved an outstanding presence at this prestigious event, including the project Unwelcomed in the official selection within the Impact Campaigns section. This documentary, directed by Amilcar Infante and Sebastián González, who is also its producer alongside Esteban Sandoval, addresses the current migratory crisis in northern Chile through the stories of those who experienced the largest anti-immigrant demonstration, which involved the burning of tents and belongings of entire families, offering a vivid testimony of the social and cultural reality of the region.

In addition, María Wood Producciones presents at this event the project Chile: An American Secret, a personal story of an ordinary man’s quest for justice who dedicated his life to unraveling the darkest secrets about how and why his country, the United States—champion of freedom—supported and protected a dictator who persecuted and murdered friends and family and then pressured for his removal from power. Directed by Orlando Arriagada, María Elena Wood, and Patricio Pereira, this documentary promises to be a profound and revealing perspective on events in our recent history. It is produced by Andrea Insunza, Javier Ortega, María Elena Wood, Patricio Pereira, Paola Arriagada-Nuñez and Orlando Arriagada.

On the other hand, Cábala Producciones surprises with two striking projects: Not One Less, which addresses the issue of gender violence in Latin America, and The Lost Civilization of the Amazon, which explores the mysteries of the Amazon. Once believed to be an area lacking history, a recent discovery could reveal the migration and extinction of its earliest inhabitants, dating back more than 12,000 years ago. Both series seek co-productions and sales at Sunny Side of the Doc to promote relevant and significant stories.

About Chiledoc
Chiledoc promotes the talents of Chilean documentary filmmakers and their films and series worldwide. Our commitment lies in fostering the sector’s expansion through strategic promotion, creating and strengthening networks, and promoting associative practices. We are a collective force.

Chiledoc is a public-private organization supported by ProChile under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chilean Corporation of Documentaries (CCDoc).

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